To offer the possible experience to every one of our guests is our goal here at Évora Hotel.

Family Programs

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Every moment is always much more interesting and fun when shared with family. Summer or Autumn, come and enjoy our programs designed specially for your family.

1st Family Getaway of 2020

Dedicate quality time we love most. Enjoy the best there is to visit, walk and relax is what we propose to start the year in the best way. ...

Winter in Family

Here you will find a cosy atmosphere, good food, and great wines, something that will entertain your days. Bring the family! We have selected speci...

Programs for Couples

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Share the best moments of your life with your significant other, and discover the best programs that we designed for you.

St. Valentine in Évora

For the lovers month, we’ve prepared a special program for you and your better-half. ...

Wine and Gastronomy

Wine and Gastronomy

Diving deep in the delicious world of gastronomy and wine, it is impossible to visit our city without getting lost in the different tastes and aro...

Special Programs

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Innovation is a quintessential part of our mission here at Évora Hotel, therefore, we give you the chance to enjoy unique programs designed specially for you.

Great Winter Program

Great Winter Program at Évora Hotel offers you, and your family, a lot of diferente possibilities, that you will make you feel c...

Bicycle through the Megalitic Monuments

For those who like outdoors and exploring ancient history, here’s the challenge of a program that combines physical activity and culture....