Évora Hotel is the ideal place to take a break and enjoy the best of what Alentejo has to offer. A cozy, family friendly environment, with the same simplicity as the region. Indulge yourself in our atmosphere.


To offer the best of Alentejo in a genuine way and always with a smile, to provide you with moments of relaxation and satisfaction, through truly “Alentejanas” experiences.

The new motto “Alma Alentejana” – soul of Alentejo – reflects the way we act, always showing the values of our region.



Regional and Tradicional: we are rooted to Alentejo and from it we draw our inspiration.

Modern: we seek continuous improvement in both our spaces and services.

Healthy and Sporty: we have a health club and different healthy gastronomic options available to our clients such as a tennis court, a driving range and soon more than 12,5 hectares of land where you’ll be able to run and walk, both alone or in family.

Fun: a young team always ready to welcome you with the brightest of the smiles.

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Évora Hotel Outdoor Circuit

Évora Hotel´s Outdoor Circuit is located inside a property of 12 hectares of Alentejo landscape. These  3 circuits have different areas:  Circuit 1  has 520 meters; Circuit 2 has 1320 meters and Circuit 3 has 1970 meters.

Here, you can run, ride a bike, or walk. Between partridges and rabbits, and in direct contact with nature, you will enjoy a unique sunset.

The Pic Nic spot,  with lots of shadows, is a very pleasant place to have a meal, as a family or as a couple. Bring a basket, we will prepare your meal!

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Overlooking the typical fields of Alentejo, the pool or the gardens, our bedrooms at Évora Hotel are waiting to welcome you and make your stay unforgettable. The choice is always yours.



In water you’ll find the essence of life, purity, strength and energy. At Évora Hotel we believe in the power of water, and seek it’s complicity to aid restoring balance to both body and mind.

Fields & Gardens

Between the gardens, pool, and game fields, Évora Hotel has 2,5 hectares of outdoor areas, and we’re still growing. Soon, other areas will bring life to the remaining 12,5 hectares, right in the middle of Alentejo.


Since an image is worth more than one thousand words, visit our photo gallery and discover all about our atmosphere. Find out more about all of our services and you’ll be able to use while enjoying your stay.


A team with more than 20 years of experience in hotel management, cosy, relaxed and true to its roots. We take pride in being a family that welcomes you with a natural smile.

Our employees are locals, with deep knowledge of our region, and are available to give you the best advices and share the most well kept secrets with you.

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