At Évora Hotel you’ll find awarded cuisine, made with knowledge and based in the experience of the rich history of Alentejo. We’ll also provide you with varied healthy options to contribute to your well physical well-being.

Leave behind any pre-conceived idea you may have about hotel food. At Évora Hotel, you’ll find the best awarded cousin, sustained by the gastronomic traditions of the region. You’ll also be able to opt for a healthier cuisine capable of delighting your body and taste buds.

Evora Hotel Regional Restaurant

The restaurant where the traditional flavours and the regional gastronomy are always first.



Regional & Convent

The majority of the most well known desserts are from convent origin.

Pão Alentejano

Our Bread


Bread from Alentejo is considered a true gastronomic marvel from the region.



Évora Hotel

At our Wineshop you'll find the best regional wines, as well as the ideal present for those back home.

Olive Oil

Évora Hotel

Who said healthy habits must be hard and slow to acquire?